• Are you and your team aiming to improve
    productivity, performance, and enhance your
    customer's experiences?
  • Are you trying to raise the bar at which your unit,
    functions or organization operates at?
  • Is your organization trying to beat
    the competition or struggling to pick up pace?


Uno Corp
is the answer


UNO, Head Quartered at New Delhi, India based BPO/ RPO Organization. Our Infrastructure is fully supported, maintained and upgraded from time to time with latest Technologies to fulfil Global RPO Services. We understand Recruitment and staffing being one of the time critical and sensitive subjects for any Successful business.

Head Hunting

If you get a rare skill job opening and you don’t find candidates on Jobsites. Only way left is head hunting. Headhunting does not include Classified Advert, Job Posting or recruitment thru jobsites. Head-hunter look for candidates and not applicants who apply but target people who are happily employed.

Candidate Research

Do you know in consulting business 30%-40% candidates fabricate there experience in resume and it becomes very essential to scrutinize a resume before submitting them to your clients. Job offers go higher if Candidates are submitted after doing research of their resume.

Process & Reporting

Our approach is very process oriented; we follow the recruitment process step by step to find best talent for your clients. We have a candidate reporting system which gives you a bird’s eye view of your offshore team. Not only this with our reporting system you can do a thorough analysis of every requirement and candidate contacted..