Solutions Showcase

We have candidates who are trained and experienced in all aspects of recruitment, they are not limited to IT only. We help them improvise there search as we have a panel of very experienced recruiters who guide the hired resources if required.

We have trained resources who have solid vendor contacts to help market the H1, EAD, OPT or CPT candidates. They are experienced to take calls and handle them; we train candidates to take vendor calls and make sure they clear vendor screening.

Usually if you need assistance in entering resumes, information in CRM, candidates tracking system, Resume formatting or Excel sheet reporting. We have resources to manage it.

Our trained resources can make cold calls to find and generate lead for a potential clients, you can Train them on your Business (Services or Sales).


  • No Hiring expenses.
  • No Payroll expenses.
  • No Benefits expenses.
  • No infrastructure cost.
  • Easily Managed sourcing functions.
  • More Focus on your business activity.
  • Great Researchers/Sources/ Cold Callers- One to Multiple.
  • Cost Cut.
  • Increase Productivity - Save your valuable Money, Time & Energy to invest for other mission critical.


Our company has strong expertise and provides optimum solutions for the challenges faced by our clients. We provide solutions specific to the needs of the industry making our clients have the advantage in time, cost and productivity there by increasing the all-round efficiency.

  • Understanding Requirement.
  • Conducting research.
  • Candidate sourcing (In-house database / job boards / referrals / Networking).
  • Job postings on multiple job boards; Groups ; Free Job Positing sites.
  • Resume screening and matching resumes as per required skills.
  • Contact short listed candidates via personalized email & Phone Call.
  • Build candidate pipeline.
  • Understanding candidate's Interest for open positions, availability& Rates.
  • Short listing of potential candidates.
  • Compensation or Rate Confirmation with the Selected candidates.
  • Formatting resume as desired and Submitting Candidates.
  • Further follow up (Availability, interview, Joining, Post Joining)
  • Note about every activity to spreadsheets or reporting tool.

We Offer complete Offshore Lab-On-Hire along the customized and managed.

  • Real Time Coordination with the Candidate.
  • Online Job Search- In respect to desired positions, locations, industry, technology, rate & compensation.
  • Postings of resume to Various Job Portals.
  • Uncovering the Huge Job Market.
  • Sending profiles against positions broadcasted in the Real Time Job Market.
  • Online Timely submission of Candidates applications.
  • Rate Negotiations.
  • Follow ups (emails & phone calls or voice mails) prior to submission.
  • Getting feedback for prior submissions / applications.
  • Getting interview for the candidates.
  • Placing the Candidate.
  • You tell us about your specific needs and desired leads generation.
  • Online search for positions of various companies( job boards, User Groups, Business Networking, etc)
  • Search and compile such information to enable you to map a market by skill, qualification, profession, region, industry segment etc.
  • You use this more accurately to prospect client and technologies.
  • Research and gather all available information.
  • Compile it in a database or spreadsheet.
  • Make you understand current hiring needs.
  • Allow you to predict future hiring needs.
  • Investigate a new market sector.
  • Open up new doors for your sales team.
  • We understand your Business (Services or Product).
  • Make you cherry Pick & Facilitate Great Talent from Offshore (Trained - communication skills; Soft Skills; Sales Skills; Voice & Accent; understanding of US culture).
  • Train him on your Business (Services or Sales).
  • Mock Calls – Tested & Approved by you.
  • Call prospective clients with the given or available Database.
  • Email prospective clients.
  • Follow up prospective clients.
  • Make Relationship.
  • Pass and Handle over Prospects & Suspects Clients to you or your Onsite Sales Manager.
  • Coordinate Meetings with Clients with your Onsite Sales Manager or Team.
  • Other Responsibilities.
  • Efficient Reporting.